• BenQ Home Theater Series

    Movie theater color right in Your Own Living Room.

  • BenQ WiT e-Reading LampThe World’s First Lamp Designed for e-Reading

    BenQ WiT combines advanced illumination technology with total eye comfort, embodying the evolution of lighting solutions; it features Wide lighting up to 90 cm range which is 150% wider than typical lamps; Intelligent control to detect illuminance of the environment and deliver the best light to balance contrast glare; Tailor-made your own brightness and color temperature for different scenarios to suit your needs.

  • BenQ Interactive Projectors and Flat Panels - Bring life to your classroom

    Create a dynamic, interactive learning environment for your tech savvy students with BenQ interactive projectors and flat panels

  • treVoloThe World's First Bluetooth Portable Electrostatic Speaker

    treVolo is the worlds first portable Bluetooth speaker with electrostatic diaphragm technology. Every time you close your eyes and listen, it is a musical journey that elevates you, taking you to new heights of audio satisfaction.


  • 18/01/2018


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