Uncompromised Design

Jamboard makes enterprise collaboration more intuitive, and free of interruptions through a human-centric design and touch screen technology.

*Supported by low-latency technology that allows for 16 simultaneous touch points at once.

Create without Boundaries

Jamboard offers a versatile range of features to facilitate effortless creation. Complete with two passive styluses and one eraser, no idea is limited by hardware constraints. A powerful toolbar features advanced creation tools, including handwriting and shape recognition. Offering the familiarity of G Suite, teams can skip the onboarding and get straight to business doing what they do best - create.

Features That Drive Results

Jamboard is highly flexible with file saving and content sharing. Save Jamboard content as a single image file or a compiled PDF file and send it to all your collaborators. Add additional participants through e-mail or broadcast code.   With built-in features like HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, creative experts can easily strategize next year's campaign with their team members across the country in real time. Design teams can finalize this season's product line while simultaneously pulling referenced materials right from the web for more inspiration.

Become a Jamboard Selling Partner

A limited number of partners will have the opportunity to add Jamboard to their suite of enterprise collaboration solutions. Resellers interested in additional information should contact sales today.

What Customers Say

"Jamboard breaks down barriers to interactive, visual collaboration across teams everywhere. It's the perfect anchor for a meeting and encourages impromptu, productive sessions. We can easily add any content to the Jamboard to capture great ideas from everyone. We immediately saw the benefits."

- Shaown Nandi, Chief Information Officer at Dow Jones